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 Welcome to Coat n' Tails Inn Pet Centre. I am Peanuts Your Host. I welcome you to stay with us as we are a safe and comfortable Pet Boarding in the Collingwood and Stayner area. I basically run the place here. Let me tell you a few of our features here from my perspective.

The day starts with a guided walk, bike ride or ski; around our acreage property, It’s all fenced so you’re perfectly safe and we have wide open spaces to run or you can go for a ‘hunt’ because we’re also surrounded by tall grass, brush and trees where you can scout out squirrel, chipmunk or other such critters. As we round the west corner, a dip in the pond is a must here and if you can’t swim you’ll soon learn! We get to run like this, free together, as a structured monitored pack , four to five times a day, so this is ideal for you exercise junkies, and for those of you who prefer to slow down and “smell the roses” you can spend your time exploring, chatting thru the fence to the horses or just hunting and cruising around at your own pace. When it’s time to chill out we have two big deep shade fenced yards with in and out access to the dog rumpus/kennel room. 

We sleep in large pens, and if ya can’t handle a closed door kennel, you can sleep on the open floor space. It’s all bright and spacious and we still feel together because we can all see each other, and we’ve all got nice comfy bed and carpets. We are cool in summer warm in winter and sometimes my mum sleeps up top on the bunk to keep us company. In either case we sleep content; cause were exhausted and dreaming of the next days’ chase! If you’re feeling grungy or would like a ‘New Do’, my mum is a great groomer and she has lots of patience for Your Best Experience here.

I even allow Cats to stay with us of course they do not get to sit in the dog lounge or play with the dog toys, but they do have great condos with hammocks and outside decks! It is fun to watch them as we wiz by outside, but they aren’t bothered by us and know they are safe. Hey get your owner to give us a call; I’d love to meet ya!

 Pet Boarding Services

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 Please note our pet services and boarding is located at 6773 30/31 Side Road, Collingwood, Ontario.

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